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In The Know: Five Pro Tips That Will Draw Customers To Your Website

The world of digital marketing is a complex labyrinth of back-end tinkering, constant statistical analysis, and strategic approaches to traditional advertising tactics. Since the Internet has propelled the formidable engine of consumerism to unprecedented heights, companies are now pitted against one another in programmable arenas. Because of this, digital marketing has grown to become an essential part of any business’ overall strategy.

Gled Media works alongside our clients so as to create SEO action plans that are tailored to attract a certain type of customer, and are dedicated to yielding tangible results. The central component of our digital marketing plans revolves around drawing traffic to the websites of our patrons. As most of our readers are likely aware, an increase in the number of hits on a web page is instrumental towards climbing the rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. Aside from paying exorbitant amounts of cash, the only way to ensure a steady stream of traffic to your site is to follow the recommendations below. As you will see, the steps towards acquiring those valuable clicks involve a combination of new and old media (in the digital format, of course):

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to attract new customers to your website, both in terms of cost and overall effectiveness. There are many components that must work in tandem in order for your blog to be successful. For one, you have to write about something that your customers are going to care about. This requires the flexing of some creative muscles. The good news is that even the most mundane services can write up a blog that will entice customers. By injecting just the right amount of humour or intriguing information, you may find yourself with a steady stream of followers.

On the backend, one should be diligent in examining what works and what doesn’t with the articles in question. Thinking about which keywords will align with your specific audience is one way to help support this analysis. Fortunately, Gled Media has years of experience with such matters, and is ready to provide the support and advice that your enterprise needs.

2. Freebies

Have you ever wondered why supermarkets hand out free samples? Hint: it’s not for the gastrological needs of the customers. As marketing research (and common sense) have revealed, providing consumers with free items gives them extra incentive to make a purchase. This ties into a psychological phenomenon called the reciprocity principle – essentially, people who receive free items feel obligated to ‘pay back’ through their acquisition of the good or service in question.

Taking this into consideration, put some thought into what you can offer your clients. A careful analysis of your customer base should reveal what they would appreciate being gifted. Using proper tactics, one will be able to funnel their curiosity (and desire for free products) towards increased traffic on your website. You can even leverage this in a fashion that draws follows, shares, and likes, on your social media accounts! Speaking of which:

3. Social Media

While it is a mindless exercise to create a social media account for your company, attempting to acquire the follower base that you feel that you deserve opens a whole other can of worms. The good news is that, by writing blogs and offering free products, you already will have a concrete foundation of original content that you can share with a vast online audience. Today’s consumer values brands that they can communicate with, so be sure to answer any queries or complaints through these channels in an expedient and friendly manner. While overnight success through social media is unfortunately not plausible for most companies, there are many ways that you can utilize these platforms to your benefit.

4. Content Marketing

Alongside its overused cousin, ‘synergy’, this terms does scream ‘marketing jargon’. In reality, content marketing is a key component of any digital strategy. As you can deduce from the multitude of memes that cycle through the Web on a daily basis, people are keen to hop onto the next viral trend. Understanding exactly how to situate your brand or service to create a formidable online presence is instrumental towards drawing traffic to your website. By understanding your audience and key messages, you can aspire to create content that will attract the attention of the masses and lead towards your success.

5. Video Marketing

The power of video is strong in the landscape of the World Wide Web. In a fashion similar to blogging, think of exactly how you can create video content that will capture the attention of your audience. There are so many different approaches that one can take here – from short and funny clips to in-depth tutorials that exhibit your intimate understanding of the subject matter at hand.

This tactic is a slow-burner, so do not expect people to be flocking to your website in the immediate future. With that being said, there is a viewer base out there for everyone, you just have to hit the right buttons and understand what they value in terms of video content. Another bonus is the fact that you can tie your new content in with previously established material, such as your blog.

Drawing attention to your website is by no means an easy task. While the aforementioned five steps can certainly steer you in the right direction, sometimes you may require a little extra zest in order to ensure that you are getting that stream of visitors that you deserve. For more information regarding how you can tailor your digital marketing strategy in an attention-grabbing fashion, don’t hesitate to reach out to Patrycja at Gled Media!